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Do you want to make a difference in kids' lives? Do you want to be in awesome christian community all summer? Come work at camp! We are looking for summer missionaries for our camp programs and wranglers for the Stables!

Paid Positions

  • Cabin Leader - out of highschool 
  • Day Camp Leader - out of highschool
  • Lifeguard - ages 18+
  • Wrangler - out of highschool 
  • Wranglers in Training - ages 15+
  • Maintenance Director - out of highschool, needs experience
  • Administration Assistant - out of highschool, needs experience

We are offering Cabin Leaders and support staff minimum wage for a 40 hour work week!

We also offer a Summer Missionary Assistance Program (SMAP), that allows you to fundraise additional funds, provided that you are working/volunteering at camp for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Volunteer Positions

  • LIT's (Leaders in Training) - ages 13-15
  • CIT's (Cabin Leaders in Training) - ages 15-17
  • Day Camp Worker
  • Nurses
  • Maintenance 
  • Cooks 

If you volunteer for 3 or more weeks, you are elgible to join the Madge on Mission (MOM) Program


Before you come to camp as a team member or volunteer, please complete the following things:

  1. Fill out application form
    1. Complete your application online
  2. Complete a Criminal Record Check if you are over 18 (contact staff for criminal record check cover letter. )
  3. Complete In Safe Hands (Please contact camp for access codes

Staff Training this year...

  • July 1-3 for EVERYONE
    • July 1-3, starting at 12pm (first year LIT's, first year CIT's arrive)
    • July 2nd @ 9am all CIT's/LIT's arrive, staying until July 3rd @ 12pm
    • July 2nd (All Cabin Leaders, LIT's, WIT's and Wranglers arrive at 4pm)
    • July 3rd we will be finished at 12pm. 
  • NOTE: All staff are expected to be at Staff Training, no exception. It is important for you to be equipped in your position, both spiritually and otherwise. 

Want more information? Call us at 1(888)88-MADGE and talk to Ryan, our Camp Director (ext.3), Naomi, our Stable's Manager (ext. 2), or Kendra, our Assistant Director (ext. 4).